Universal Life

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Don't leave your family and loved ones without a plan after you die. MI Choice Insurance will evaluate your needs and work with you to find a universal life policy that is a great fit. We are proud to work with companies who truly value customers individual and unique concerns.

Whole life insurance is a policy that is cash value and uses the excess of premium payments above the insurance cost to to credit the cash value of the policy on a monthly basis. Essentially, one part of the policy covers life insurance, while the other lends a hand to savings and investments.

Universal Life vs Whole Life: What's The Difference?

Both whole life and universal life insurance are permanent or life-long policies. Whole life offers consistent premiums and guranteed cash value accumulation, while universal life provides more flexible premiums and death benefits. Additionally, both whole life and universal life allow for borrowing against the cash value of the policy.

Let us take the stress of finding a life insurance policy that fits your needs. Contact our insurance experts at MI Choice Insurance today!

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