Vacation Home Insurance

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Whether you have a vacation home for the winter months or enjoying getting away during the summer, a second home can have substantial appeal. But just like your primary residence, your vacation home needs to be insured in a similiar way. At MI Choice Insurance, we are dedicated to helping you find an insurance plan and carrier that will work best for you.

Why Do I Need Vacation Home Insurance?

In some cases, you may find that vacation home insurance, or second home insurance, can differ in both cost and coverage in comparison to your primary residence. This is because since the property isn't occupied full-time, there is an elevated level of risk. While enjoyable, vacation homes and their part-time occupance introduce the possibility of burglary, fire, and location-based catastrophies.

To protect the structure and contents inside, you will need to purchase a seperate insurance policy for your vacation home. Keep in mind, adding additional boosts to your existing policy such as liability, personal protection, and recreational (boat, RV, ATVs, etc) can help to better protect your vacation home and the contents within it.

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