Property & Casualty

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Similiar to homeowners property and casualty insurance, business property and casualty insurance protects you and the things your business owns. MI Choice Insurance specializes in quoting excellent rates for P & C insurance from carriers you can trust.

What Is Property & Casualty Insurance?

Although property and casualty insurance are typically bundled together and sold as one product, it's important to know the different aspects between the two.

  • Property: Protects the property owned or held by the business. If a grocery store experiences a loss due to fire, the structure of the building, any property (cash registers, freezers, computers, etc), and lost stock are covered by business property insurance.
  • Casualty: Let's say you own a business and someone within your business slips and falls, your company could be at fault if the proper precautions were not taken. Casualty insurance works as a way to protect your business from these types of incidents.

Our team of dedicated professionals are here to help you navigate through questions and policy changes, whenever you need it. To speak with a licensed agent about business Property & Casualty insurance, contact us today!

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