Semi-Truck Insurance

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When it comes to the transportation business, it is essential to work with insurance agents who understand the unique demands of your industry. At MI Choice Insurance, we are dedicated to helping commercial trucking companies and owner-operators find the right semi-truck insurance for all their needs.

Trailer Interchange

Trailer interchange insurance can be added to your current auto insurance policy and completely covers your trailers for any physical damages from accidents, fires, theft, vandalism, while loading and unloading freight, and more.

Cargo Coverage

When your freight is in transit, the risk of damage or loss to your shipment increases. Cargo coverage insurance fully protects you from financial loss due to damage from events such as natural disasters, abandonment, auto accidents, piracy, and more.

Trucking General Liability

With general liability insurance for truckers, you are receiving a vast amount of coverage to ensure you are fully protected when the unknown happens. From medical expenses to attorney fees and court-ordered judgments, you are protected when any damage or injury to a customer’s property or physical self occurs.

Owner-Operator vs Trucking Firms

Trucking firms benefit from a multitude of coverage options including commercial auto liability, physical damage insurance, cargo insurance, general liability, and more. On the other hand, owner-operators need specialized truck insurance services whether they’re operating under a permanent lease or personal authority. These coverage types include liability, physical damage, motor truck cargo, and general liability, trailer interchange, and more.

Worker's Compensation

Your drivers are your most valuable resource. Worker’s compensation is essential to ensure the payment by employers for some portion of the cost for injuries, occupational diseases, and more received by employees while on the job.

Bobtail Coverage

If you’re involved in an accident while driving another party’s truck without a trailer, you must have bobtail coverage to ensure you’re covered when the unknown occurs. While this insurance does not cover physical damage to your truck, it pays for any grueling finances associated with liability such as legal fees, settlement expenses, medical bills, and more.

Non-Trucking Liability

Did you know we offer coverage for your semi-truck even when you are utilizing it for non-commercial purposes? This covers expenses associated with damage or injury to a third party or business including medical expenses, repair or replacement costs, and more.

Our agents are highly educated in semi-truck insurance and are available to provide answers to your unique questions. Trust our Brighton, Michigan team to tailor a policy to fit your individual needs and goals. Request a quote today!

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